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Business Insurance in East Bernard, TX

Business insurance, also called commercial business insurance or commercial insurance, is insurance coverage designed to cover a business, including its employees and ownership. There are a wide variety of different types of business insurance available.

Having the right commercial insurance policies is a significant component of a comprehensive risk management strategy that can help protect your business’s finances. Our agency is here to help you with all of your commercial insurance needs. Call Smaistrla Insurance Agency today to learn more or to get a free, no-obligation quote.Businessman pressing a Business concept button.

How Does Commercial Insurance Work?

Business insurance can help provide crucial financial protection for Texas companies. Contact Smaistrla Insurance Agency in East Bernard, TX, for a business insurance plan tailored to your company’s unique needs.

What Type of Insurance Is Needed for Businesses?

Your agent may recommend purchasing the following business insurance policies:

  • General liability insurance—An essential core policy, this insurance may help protect against common risks like customer injuries, property damage and advertising injuries.
  • Professional liability insurance—This coverage is crucial for businesses providing professional services. It may help cover legal costs and damages if your business is sued for negligence, misrepresentation or inaccurate advice.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance—This coverage may be required in Texas if you have employees. It may help cover medical expenses and lost wages resulting from work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Commercial property insurance—This coverage may help protect your physical assets, such as buildings, equipment and inventory, against fire, theft and natural disasters.
  • Business interruption insurance—This policy may help cover loss of income if your business operations are halted due to a covered event, such as a natural disaster.
  • Cyber liability insurance—Increasingly crucial in the digital age, this insurance may help cover your business against data breaches and other cyber threats.
  • Commercial auto insurance—Texas requires companies using vehicles to maintain minimum amounts of auto liability insurance. You can customize your coverage to include protection for your company vehicles.

How Much is Commercial Insurance in Texas?

The cost of business insurance in Texas varies based on your business size, industry, location, number of employees and the specific types of coverage you need.

It’s best to get a customized quote for an accurate estimate of what commercial insurance will cost for your specific business in Texas. An insurance agent can assess your company’s risks and tailor a policy to offer appropriate protection at a competitive rate.

How to Get Business Insurance

If you need commercial insurance solutions, we’re here to help. Give Smaistrla Insurance Agency a call today to get started.

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